The BevelCutDevice can be used, for example, for the 45°, 30° and 60° cutting of materials such as X-board, Kappa, 3-fold corrugated board or rubber. This offers new possibilities for the processing of displays, rigid packaging or gaskets.

It is equipped with a controlled (Z) height and (C) turn axis. It can therefore be used parallel to the, in the packaging and gasket industry proven cutting and creasing tool head, MultiHead.


  • 45°, 30° and 60° knife, tangential controlled
  • slanted cutting into the material through simultaneous movement of the Z- and X- or Y-axis
  • up to 18 mm cutting depth
  • also available as single-sided cut
  • controlled C-axis for the tangential drive
  • controlled Z-axis for immersion to cutting depth
  • combinable with other ARISTO tool heads
  • available for ARISTOMAT GL, TL and LFC series


X-Board manufacturer